Your Newport Coast Real Estate Resource

Tucked away in the heart of Orange County one will find the very small town of Newport Coast. It is a magnificent region defined by the pristine coastline, beautiful beaches, comfortable climate and many other factors which have blended so perfectly together to make real estate in Newport Coast very popular amongst choosier home buyers. In the early 1980s the area underwent major redevelopment and became more stunning than ever, with new homes for sale in the area reflecting this change in their elegant style and charming design.

Newport Coast and its surrounding regions are made up of almost 10,000 acres, meaning there is always plenty to see and to do as well as plenty of things which make you want to invest in your own property in Newport Coast. Something that you will notice when visiting the area, or a recent resident, is that the region is affectionately nicknamed the “Pacific Riviera”. Once you have found your own home here you will fast notice how appropriate the name really is. Just try to picture a town where it is commonplace to sip a cool refreshing drink while admiring a panoramic sunset and you will start to get an idea of why exactly real estate in Newport Coast is so very sought after.

There are a whole host of reasons people decide to buy real estate in Newport Coast; from the fantastic beaches to the beautifully preserved wide open space, every aspect of the city attracts people from all over the world into Newport Coast real estate. The neighborhood prides itself on having a friendly and family orientated atmosphere, especially when paired with the natural beauty of the region. The area boasts fantastic opportunities for fine dining and great shopping trips, the Newport Aquatic Center, a nautical museum as well as a local arts center; the cultural and social elements of the city are a huge part of why people are so interested in real estate in the area. One of the better known retail and recreational centers is the local Fashion Island. Many of the people who buy homes here think of it as a real drawing point to the area. There are also plenty of shops, cinemas, restaurants and open green spaces in the neighborhood, making it an ideal place for the whole family.

All year round Newport Coast has a warm and comfortable climate, so it is not at all surprising that the area is especially popular with people who enjoy outdoor recreational activities and traditional summer time pursuits and hobbies. Hiking, nature trails, tennis courts and plenty of opportunities to engage in all varieties of water sports are just some of the amenities afforded to locals here. There are also some terrific gold courses in the area, including the prestigious, beautiful Pelican Hills. A small city boasting a wonderful lifestyle, Newport Coast is one of the hidden gems of the state, if not the country.